Algeria has plans to exploit solar and wind energy. Integration of these resources with the current grid is certainly and important issue that this course will address. Several researchers at Algerian universities are pursuing similar activities and this proposed course will be a forum to exchange ideas which might lead to collaboration in both research and teaching.

Cancer treatment has evolved drastically in the last few years and has moved from one size fits all approach to modern personalized medicine. As a result, multidisciplinary approaches to treatment have emerged and recognized as optimal for cancer care and for improving outcomes. Biotechnology, Biomedical engineering and Health science are key to these advances.

Major advances have taken place in recent years in the design, construction and rehabilitation of the built environment, in the understanding of the hazards it is exposed to, and in the approaches for reducing disaster risk and for enhancing the resilience of the built environment, resilience being the ability to reduce the impact of catastrophes and to recover quickly after a disaster.


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  • Topic 1: Smart Grids in USTHB;
  • Topic 2: Biology, biotechnology and health;
  • Topic 3: Civil engineering and architecture;
  • Topic 4: Smart Grids in Batna.

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