Leïla Hamroun-Yazid

 Ms. Hamroun-Yazid, is an accomplished historic preservation architect, with over twenty five years of national and international experience providing design, planning, management and cultural analysis services primarily for existing buildings and sites. Her multilingual and multicultural background informs a nuanced perspective on the historical, political, social and economical contexts that shape interventions on the existing building fabric.
By bringing together design and technical knowledge from the combined disciplines of architecture, planning, conservation, and building diagnostics, she is committed to imaginative design solutions, that provide a contemporary experience while respecting the integrity and character of the building or structure.
Ms. Hamroun-Yazid has a distinguished record of developing strategies for the long-term stewardship of the built heritage with a commitment to customized solutions, adapted to the nature, scale and context of each project.
Ms. Hamroun-Yazid is consistently enriching her professional practice with presentations at national conferences, teaching opportunities, educational programming, and mentoring activities. Ms. Hamroun-Yazid is also a founding member of the Christiana Care Health System Oncology Patient Advocates for Clinical Trials (OPACT), and has focused her advocacy on addressing clinical trial accrual and cancer health disparities in minorities and the medically underserved.