Abdeldjelil Belarbi

Dr. Abdeldjelil “DJ” Belarbi is a Structural Engineer and Researcher whose research deals with the design, evaluation, and rehabilitation of reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges and buildings. He is currently the Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished Professor at the University of Houston and previously a Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Belarbi is actively engaged in a broad spectrum of structural engineering research areas. His primary research contributions focus on the constitutive modeling, analytical, and experimental investigations of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. His research has also focused on the use of FRP composites for internal reinforcement of structural concrete as well as rehabilitation and strengthening of aging and deteriorated civil engineering infrastructure.


Dr. Belarbi has published over 230 technical research papers and had supervised over 50 MSCE theses and Ph.D. dissertations and he is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), and the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI). He is the recipient of over 30 awards and honors for his excellence in research, teaching, and service to the professional community. Dr Belarbi completed his undergraduate studies in Algeria before joining the US in 1984 to further his studies in Houston, Texas.


Dr. Belarbi has volunteered in many instances and offered his experience and knowledge to contribute to the development of science and technology in Algeria and has delivered several conferences and short courses at various universities in Algeria.  He contributed to both summer university events (AAF 2018 and AAF 2019). He has been also a member of AAF member. If elected to the AAF board of directors, Dr. Belarbi will continue to contribute to helping AAF in its mission.