Katia Djenadi

 Dr Katia DJENADI is an assistant professor at Bouira University, Algeria. She conducts her research at the Laboratory of Applied Biochemistry in Bejaia University, Algeria. She received her BA, MS and PhD degrees from Bejaia University, Algeria. Her thesis work focused on the isolation of multi-drug Gram-negative strains from natural environment in Bejaia area, North of Algeria. As main results, she identified Enterobacteriaceae strains harbouring carbapenem resistance gene.

After graduation, she pursued her postdoctoral research at Applied Biochemistry Laboratory with Biochemistry of Antioxydants team, Bejaia University, Algeria. Her main investigations focused on the biological activities of plant extracts and manufactured nanoparticles. She highlighted the antibacterial proprieties of endemic plants extracts and complex manufactured nanoparticles. Her current research project focus on the screening of potent microbial strains from soil microbiome able to promote plant growth and increase yield production. In addition, she investigates on the insect microbiome diversity and the impact of pollutants and pesticides on the microbiome diversity and host physiology. Her projects have a collaborative form with researchers in different disciplines within Algerian and international institutions and organisms. Her projects aim to : estimating the microbiome diversity in soil, human, insect and animal model; understanding the impact of active compounds and biotic factors on the microbiome diversity and host physiology, developing a new molecules able to promote the physiology of microbiome host.

Dr Katia DJENADI is involved in volunteer activities. In the year of 2019, she was a volunteer in “On this day” Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) project. Since 2019, she has been participated in AAF-CEST Summer University as lecturer and an organizer.