Coordinated by AAF a number of scientists, engineers, and other professionals established in the United States, on one side, and their counterparts at the “Centre de Développement des Technologies Avancées” (CDTA;, based in Algeria, have agreed to work together and develop a long term sustainable partnership.  The goal of this AAF-CDTA partnership is “To launch, develop, promote and sustain scientific and technological collaborations between institutions in the USA and the CDTA in Algeria”.

Through a transparent process of exchange of ideas, shared oversight, and strategic planning, it is planned to address scientific and technological themes of mutual interest. The scientists established in the U.S have expressed keen interest in developing this partnership while the CDTA scientists and decision-makers have shown a strong desire to build fruitful and strategic collaborations.   It is recognized that this is an ambitious, inspiring, and stimulating undertaking that requires a strong commitment from both parties and a clear understanding of the role(s) of each participant.    

After discussions between members of AAF-CDTA Group several mixed CDTA-US subgroups have been identified and created, and their efforts are now coordinated by leaders from both sides (one from the US and one from CDTA).  They will be working on specific themes listed below:

1. Biophotonics  for Medical Applications

2. Robotics, Automation, Computer Integrated Manufacturing

3. Biometric Systems, Computer / Security Systems

4. Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics

5. Fundamental Atomic Physics and Optics

It is agreed also that other new themes will be proposed when and if appropriate.

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