About the Algerian American Foundation

About us

AAF calls and urges the Algerian diaspora in the US and friends of Algeria to join and support its efforts. Besides its ongoing initiatives AAF will be working with other organizations in the US and Algeria, which are dedicated to improving the historical relationship between the two peoples. A major and vital component of its objectives is to coordinate and disseminate relevant information about diverse Algerian-American initiatives and activities. Please check regularly our website.

AAF is a membership-driven, non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organization with 501(c) tax-exempt status.

Science and Technology:

AAF has launched several ambitious initiatives to develop scientific and technological collaborations with different organizations in Algeria. Many highly-skilled Algerian scientists working in the US have joined these initiatives and offered their savoir-faire and expertise to accomplish the objectives of these initiatives. We would like to hear from you.


AAF will play a major role in stimulating and promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries by organizing multi-cultural events. AAF will invite and host diverse groups from both sides to expose and present their activities and skills, opening fruitful avenues for understanding the rich cultural diversity within the two countries. Come and join us.


AAF calls for increase in educational exchanges between Algeria and US. In particular, a major informational debate must be opened to inform the Algerian university community on the strengths and challenges of the US educational system as well as existing opportunities. AAF seeks to elaborate a sustainable program for training students, integrating researchers in collaborative projects, and organizing workshops and conferences. What can you do?


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