Ghania Ait-Ghezala

Dr. Ait-Ghezala is a Scientist II, head of molecular biology/ genomic department at the Roskamp institute. A multidisciplinary team dedicated to understanding neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders with an emphasis on identifying and developing new therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. She is also the Head of Molecular Biology at Archer pharmaceutical were she leads the program that is focused on developing molecular and cell biology-based screening of small molecule inhibitors.

Dr. Ait-Ghezala Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Science and Technology “Houari Boumediene” (USTHB), Algeria. She then received a master’s degree and a PhD in molecular genetics of Aging. Her work was focused in physical and transcriptional mapping of the D21S55-ERG region involved in the pathogenesis of Down syndrome. Her work led to the isolation of nine transcription units. Two could be identified as members of the family of potassium inwardly rectifier channels. The two potassium channels have been since shown to be involved in different human diseases such as hyperinsulinemia and cardiac arrhythmias; and may also be involved in neurogenesis and hormone secretion. Dr. Ait-Ghezala received an award from the French Down-Syndrome Association « AFRT 21». for her accomplishments in the field of Down Syndrome. From 1998-1999 she received an appointment CNRS Paris, France, to work on a European project aimed at creating a mouse model over expressing PCP4 gene. She then obtained a fellowship for a postdoctoral training at the Roskamp institute at the University of south Florida, department of psychiatry, Tampa Florida, in the field of childhood disorder. She pursued the cloning and characterization of a chromosomal breakpoint that occurs in two unrelated families with Tourette’s syndrome. Work that lead to an award received from the Tourette’s Syndrome Association, an extremely prestigious award as only 15 are made annually.

Dr Ait-Ghezala is also involved in training student from different colleges in the Sarasota area as well as PhD student from Florida international university, and the open university of London. She is a Graduate Faculty Members, College of Arts and Sciences, FIU Florida International University. She is also part of the Open University of London Neuroscience PhD program affiliated center Recruitment and Admissions Committee 2008.