Ismael Chikhoune

 Dr. Ismael Chikhoune, MD, received his doctorate in medicine at the University of Medicine of Algiers in 1982. His professional experience spans several countries and fields. Dr. Chikhoune worked at Parnet Hospital, in the field of Internal Medicine from 1982-1990. He served as the Doctor of the National Algerian Cycling Team from 1982-1986. He taught at the Maillot HospitalAllied Health Military School in the field of Radiology, anatomy and physiology paramedics from 1986-1987. He maintained a private medical practice from 1990-1992 and from 1992-1997 worked at HealthSouth as a volunteer in Outpatient Care in Berkeley, California. From 1998-2002 Dr. Chikhoune worked at , IKnowMed, Silicon Valley, California, as a Clinical Informatics Analyst, Developing and validating in collaboration with public institutions such as, MD Anderson Hospital in Houston and SWOG breakthrough technologies in the medical field.
Since 2004 Dr. Chikhoune is the President & CEO of the US-Algeria Business Council (USABC), a private independent nonprofit business association working to promote trade between Algeria and the United States.